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Do you want to contribute to the conservation of whales, dolphins, and turtles in the Mediterranean Sea? Help us collect valuable data on the presence and distribution of these species by reporting sightings that occur during your boat trips. Whether you are a boater, a fisherman, or a seafarer, you can help collect data by using SightMe. is a Citizen Science project created by EcoMarine Malta . It arose from the need to collect as much data as possible on the presence and distribution of whales, dolphins, and turtles in the Mediterranean Sea, and specifically in Maltese waters at the time. The collected data will be shared with public and private organizations involved in the study of these extraordinary animals, to develop a conservation plan for each species.
It is not easy to study the behaviour of whales and dolphins. This is because they are animals that spend their lives in the sea, dive for extended periods, and frequently live in pelagic areas far from the coast.

The Mediterranean Sea is home to eight different species of cetaceans. Therefore, it is critical to understand their distribution, population dynamics, and habitat use in order to create a protection and conservation plan that will ensure their survival and the prosperous growth of different species in different areas.

Scientists are doing their best, but it is often impossible to complete all of the anticipated projects due to a lack of funds. That is why we require your help.

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Why dolphins, whales and turtles?

It is not difficult to meet cetaceans and turtles in the Mediterranean Sea but they must be approached with respect and following a good code of conduct. A photo, especially for cetaceans, can be precious and can help researchers recognise individuals, estimate their number and obtain very important information about their lives.

Is it possible to find whales, dolphins and turtles around Malta? Of course it is!
Our sea is richer in cetaceans and turtles than you might think and for their crucial role in the marine environment, it’s important to know them and protect them. The species you can find include, among the others, the smallest striped dolphins, the more common turtle but sometimes, also the large fin whales can be spotted in our waters. The majority of cetaceans regularly occurring in this areas are threatened and some of them are facing extinction, such as the common dolphin.

Why are cetaceans and turtles important? Because they are key indicators of the state of the marine environment. In fact, they all are ecosystem engineers, which means that they are able to create, modify, maintain or destroy habitats during their lifetimes and that these changes have a great impact on their environment. These finally result in increasing species richness and habitat productivity.

Therefore, if we want to maintain our marine environment healthy, we must give the priority to the protection of these animals.

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