Guidelines for responsible tourism: how to approach cetaceans

How to behave legally and ethically around cetaceans, from jet skis to bigger boats

Considering that our presence always has an impact on the marine ecosystem, it is very important to watch whales, dolphins and turtles responsibly. By following some simple rules and guidelines we can minimize our impact on the animals that we meet.

How to

 Keep a distance of at least 300 meters from the animals while approaching them.
Keep a distance of at least 100 meters from No Go areas and prohibited entries.

and Direction

The speed of the boat should match with that of the slowest animal and must never be over 5 knots.
 Maintain the course of the boat parallel to the animals, avoiding any sudden changes in speed or direction.


Only one boat at a time is allowed within 300 meters from the viewing area.
The observation time should not exceed 30 minutes, or 15 if other boats are waiting.

What to do if the animals approach the boat?

If the animals voluntarily approach the boat:
Do not try to touch them, either directly or using any kind of object
Do not swim with them
Do not throw food overboard to try to feed them

Report a sighting